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Look no further for western red cedar shingle inspiration!

It’s no secret that we love Western Red Cedar Shingles – they’re not only environmentally conscious but extremely durable, lasting up to 20 years! These fantastic shingles also age beautifully, they will adopt a pleasant silvery grey shade over time. But don’t be fooled… They aren’t just for roofing, they can be used for many different projects.

Wall covering

Cedar shingles make for fantastic cladding. They are insulating, durable and weatherproof and with such a long warranty they are a wise investment – as a bonus, they come already treated against rot and decay, so there is no need for maintenance, just attach and go! They add a uniquely rustic look to any home and are often used in coastal areas because of their resistance to moisture compared to other wood cladding, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in other climates.

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Outdoor playhouse

Store-bought playhouses can often fall apart and diminish over time, but this fantastic red cedar shingle playhouse is a dream come true! This highly durable playhouse will last through any conditions so it’s perfect for children. They also look a lot better than shop-bought playhouses, which are often made of plastic which looks tired after years of play, these shingles last over 20 years so playtime doesn’t have to end!

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We think cedar shingle roofing looks great on every home, you don’t have to compromise an aesthetically pleasing look for waterproof protection. The wood is naturally insect and rot-resistant so it requires little to no maintenance, which is ideal for a roof because a lot of upkeep may mean leaking and it can be difficult to maintain roofing without hiring a professional. As long as you have roofing underneath these shingles your roof will be secure and they won’t need to be replaced for many years.

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Shed or garden building

Traditional shed buildings aren’t always made to last and they rarely match the aesthetic of modern homes, but cedar shingles are a unique way to make your outbuildings look modern and appealing. Either use them as cladding on top of an existing building or create a new structure with cedar shingles as the main element.

Credit: @withbearhandsuk on Instagram

Cedar shingles are easy to install at home in a DIY project for easy results that you can be proud of. When installing the shingles we recommend our cedar shingle silicone bronze nails for maximum life.  As a guide, approximately 1kg of nails is required to fix 6 bundles of shingles.

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Western Red Cedar Shingles – Beautiful & sustainable.

red cedar shingles

Sawn from the highest quality British Columbian cedar logs, Western Red Cedar Shingles provide a naturally durable and hard wearing roofing or cladding solution, not to mention the visually stunning appearence of the warm red-brown tones that will age gracefully into silver-grey as the seasons and years roll by.

One of the other many benefits of this unique material which more and more people are considering when building or renovating is the enviromental impact of the products & materials they are using for their project, this is where Western Red Cedar shingle really stands out. It has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any building material. The wood used for our shingles are from carefully managed forests and every tree that is processed (plus extra) is replaced which makes it sustainable and in turn the obvious choice for the enviromentially concious.

Western red cedar

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