How to Build Your Own Covid Screen

The COVID pandemic has hugely impacted day to day life for all of us; especially in the workplace. Whether you’re dealing directly with customers daily in retail or in daily contact with co-workers in an office, it’s been hard to get back to business as usual. We know the strain businesses across the UK are going through; and with COVID screens costing from around £90 upwards, it can’t help to have extra costs as well as lower footfall. We have put together this short guide on how to build your own COVID protective screens. That way you can save money AND protect your staff and customers!

For our design we made a transparent, large COVID protective screen that would be perfect for separating desks or protecting a till area. We designed a screen that would be freestanding to allow it to be easily moved at any time and to avoid damaging any permanent fixtures in your business.

Read on below to find out how we did it and what you’ll need to make yours.

What you’ll need

Measuring your COVID screen

Before you begin, you’ll want to start by measuring out the size of screen you would like, preferably at the area you’re hoping to protect.

We chose a screen width of 800mm and height of 750mm, with two supporting feet of 240mm by 100mm, based on other large freestanding models currently on the market. This should be a good size for either separating desks or protecting a till area. You can even cut out an open area at the bottom for exchanging goods or money. If you’d like a screen larger than this, you may want to consider getting additional feet for extra support.

Once you’ve measured the right size for your screen, you’ll want to decide which material you’d like to use.

Material options

For our screen we chose to use Liteglaze Acrylic Perspex, used most commonly as secondary glazing. We chose the “Cut to Size 2mm” option for our screen which is only £25.29 per SQm, and the “Cut to Size 6mm” for the feet for extra support.

Acrylic Perspex is a great option for basic protective screens – most COVID screens on the market are acrylic Perspex, but you can also choose a slightly more affordable material called ‘Styrene‘. Styrene would also work, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come cut to size. That shouldn’t completely put you off, however, because you can easily cut and drill Styrene in the same way you can Acrylic Perspex (see more on cutting below).

If you’re looking for a COVID screen with extra strength and protection from impact (for example if the screen is needed in a manufacturing environment), you may want to consider upgrading your screen by using flat polycarbonate. It’s 200 times more impact resistant than glass at only half the weight and is already commonly used in protective materials in many hazardous workplaces.

Using the same measurements as we’ve used with our acrylic Perspex screen, using 3mm Cut to Size Flat Polycarbonate for the screen and 6mm for two feet, you can get an even stronger screen for just a little more investment.

Cutting & assembly

Once you receive your Perspex, all you have to do is a little DIY, and you’ll be set.

First thing you’ll want to do is to measure to the centre of each ‘foot’ piece (if using our measurements, this should be 120mm in). You’ll need to cut out space for the screen panel to fit in; we’d recommend trying to be as precise as possible, as you can easily sand to increase the space further later, but cutting too large of a space may be harder to remedy. Once you mark the middle of the foot, you can add millimetres in either direction to ensure the screen will sit properly in the centre (for our screen, which is 2mm thick, you would mark out a cut at 119mm and at 121mm).

You’ll then want to decide where to place the feet; for stability, we put ours 20mm in from either side. You can add additional feet along the screen as needed, depending on the width you’ve chosen.

For cutting the screen, remember you’ll want to make a cut wide enough for the feet (which should be a larger thickness of glazing for support) in our case we marked out a cut 6mm wide.

For stability, we’d suggest making each cut half the height of the foot (50mm in our example). We added an additional 1mm of depth to the cuts in the screen panel to ensure it sat fully flush to the surface.

Once you’ve marked it all out, you’re ready to start cutting. 

Cutting Tips

Acrylic Perspex and Styrene normally only require a cutting knife with a scoring blade to cut through; you can simply score into the material until you’ve made an incision about half of the thickness of your sheet then simply apply pressure to break off a section cleanly. However, for the thin cuts required here, we would recommend using a saw, either a jigsaw or fine-toothed handsaw.

If you have a cutting knife with a scoring blade, it is beneficial to start by scoring on a flat surface following your markings against a straight edge, with the material held firm with a clamp. This will make it easier to saw accurately.

Once you’ve scored your lines into the material, simply use your saw to finish off the cuts. If using a handsaw, you will likely need to saw along your vertical markings and score along the small horizontal edge to cut the piece out. You can use a file or emery board to file down any areas further if needed.

Once you’ve finished cutting, you can simply slot together the feet and screen panels, and you’ll have finished building your COVID screen.

Need More Help Building Your COVID Screen?

You don’t needto be limited to our screen design above. You can use acrylic Perspex, flat polycarbonate or Styrene to build any COVID screen you like; from a hanging screen to full length and anything else, the only limit is your DIY skills! It’s far cheaper to make you own than to buy a premade option, and you can even use your savings to upgrade to stronger more protective materials and still save money.

Our advisers at eRoofs are always on hand to help in any way they can with your project, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have about building your own COVID screen – or you can call us directly on 0844 474 4444.

Last, but not least, if you’re looking to buy any materials for your protective COVID screen, remember eRoofs doesn’t just offer incredible prices on all glazing materials, but they also offer:

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Decking Kits: Building your own deck just got even EASIER

An outdoor deck is easily one of the best ‘wow’ factors you can add to your garden. It’s a luxurious upgrade to a lawn, especially if you loathe mowing grass. If you have a large area to work with, you can use a deck as an extension of your home, creating an entertainment space for summer (and winter if you add heaters!). However, the idea of building one yourself can be more than a little intimidating if you’re not experienced in DIY.

We wanted to offer you a fix for that.

We offer decking kits in all shapes and sizes that make it incredibly simple to build your own deck. If you can deal with flat-pack furniture, you can probably handle a decking kit.

What’s more is, they’re affordable and building it yourself will save you a considerable amount in labour costs. Did you know you can get decking kits for less than £100 at eDecks?

You can even get a decking kit cut to size, so don’t worry about a premade product not fitting well.

With all that in mind, here’s a blog to showcase the different types of decking kits you can choose from for your garden this summer!

Cut to size and easy decking kits

The easiest kits to build are the no-frills, standard decking kits. You can have these cut to size to fit your space perfectly. They come in several different colours, designs and materials – from composite decking to anti-slip, hardwood and softwood, you’re bound to find one that suits your taste.

These are your basic deck coverings and can be built on both pavement or flat ground.

[Pro tip – you can find out all about the different types of decking materials right here]

Decking kits with handrails

If your garden is on an incline or you prefer the look, getting a decking kit doesn’t mean compromising on getting handrails. Your decking kit won’t limit you to what you can add to it. Just like a professionally built deck, you can add any handrail system you choose to any of our decking kits. Glass, metal, wood or rope – any will fit onto your new decking kit!

What’s more, you can even buy some of our decking kits complete with premeasured handrails. Here are our decking kits with rope handrails, starting from just under £300.

Decking kits with pergolas

If you fancy something more elaborate than a simple deck floor, a decking kit may still be a good option. Pergolas and handrails can make your new deck look outstanding, whether you want to create a small, serene place for vining flowers to cover, or full outdoor entertainment space with space to hang lighting and heat lamps.

We have over THIRTY different decking kits with pergolas that come with many different combinations of pergola sizes and handrail style and placement. We particularly like “The Queen Anne”, a standalone deck with stairs and handrails that can add some serious wow factor to any garden.

And all in one ready-to-build kit!

Remember, if there’s a combination you have your heart set on that you don’t see on our site, get in touch and we will try our best to help you get the deck you’re looking for!

Composite decking kits

Just because you want the very best composite for your decking, doesn’t mean you can’t build it yourself.  Composite is a great decking material, offering longevity and very low maintenance and is pretty easy to work with too.

You can check out our composite decking kits right here.

[Pro tip: If you do want to take the plunge and build your composite deck from scratch, we also have a handy guide on how to figure out the components you’ll need for your deck here.]

Hot tub decking kits

Not many of us will be jet setting on holiday this year, so you might be considering bringing a bit of relaxation to your home with your very own hot tub. We have a full set of decking kits designed with that need in mind and, thankfully, they don’t have to cost as much as the hot tub did!

Starting at just £322.40, you can build your own deck for your new hot tub easily with one of these specially created decking kits.

Don’t panic if you’re not on flat ground

If you live on an incline, it doesn’t mean you can’t build your deck yourself. We don’t just offer decking kits, but also kits for making decking steps. If you want more help to figure out what kind of steps you may need, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re happy to help.

What’s in a decking kit?

All decking kits come with all the fixtures and fittings you’ll need along with all of the pre-cut boards and installation instructions you’ll need. You can also find instruction leaflets direct on our website, on your chosen decking kits product page. If you’re struggling or are unsure about anything, you can always talk with us either by phone or on our online chat service; we’re here to make sure you get the deck you want, installed properly.

Whatever kind of deck you’re looking to build, remember if you can’t find your perfect “ready-made” deck kit here at eDecks, you can always get in touch and see what we can put together for you. It’s easier than you think!

Decking ideas

If you’re looking for ways to ensure your decking is the envy of all of your neighbours, you may want to check out our decking ideas article; full of tips and tricks to ensure your deck looks great and functions perfectly.

Don’t forget to check out the deals on eDecks. We have incredible prices and are entirely online, so we can get everything you need delivered directly to your door. We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for anyone who’s looking to build their own deck at any level. At eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

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6 Garden DIY Projects Ideas To Try While You’re Social Distancing

During these difficult times, it can be stifling to be stuck indoors so much of the time. For those of us lucky enough to have garden space, it is truly satisfying and relaxing to get to work in the garden, enjoy some sun and feel a great sense of satisfaction when you complete a project.

We’ve put together this list for those of you hoping to get out there and turn your hand to a garden DIY project, whether you’re a complete novice or you’re an old hand looking for a new challenge.

To make things easier, we’ve put them in order of difficulty below.

Neaten up your flower beds with some wooden edging

If you’ve been out in the garden and have weeded everything in sight, you may now be wondering how you can take things up a notch. Popping in wooden edging around your flower beds helps create some visual boundary lines which helps neaten up an outdoor space. They’re straightforward to install too – you can get straight edging boards with attached posts or wire backed log rolls that you can use to create curved edges. 

You can also use this type of edging to build a raised flower bed, or if you fancy a challenge, you can create a more professional raised bed using decorative sleepers.

Break up a paved or decked space with garden planters

If you have a paved or decked space outdoors, although it’s much easier to maintain than a lawn, it can also feel a bit soulless when there’s no plant life around. A great way to breathe life back into your garden is to build a garden planter. You can add herbs or your favourite flowers – or even a mixture of both.

Our favourites are this herb wheel and this corner planter, which are both very easy to build. If you can handle flat-pack furniture, these will be a doddle!

Bring a new lease of life to your fence with a change of colour

A fence often feels like it blurs into the background of your garden, but you can make some serious visual impact by painting or restaining your fence. There are always the classic wood shade stains you can go for, but if you’re feeling bold, a pop of colour might just make all the difference in your garden.

Just like in a room, lighter colours can help make your garden feel bigger and more open – you might want to try a very light grey, green or blue, depending on what works best with the colour of your home and plant life.

Greys have certainly seen a surge in popularity in recent years; you can find some of our favourite paints that work well for both outbuildings and fences here.

Get a year-round “perfect lawn” look with artificial grass

Artificial grass has grown in popularity in the past few years as it’s technology has advanced from old rubbery AstroTurf to a grass that often looks more beautiful than the real thing!

Artificial grass comes in a huge range of colours and styles and offers one huge benefit – no more mowing the lawn (find out more about the benefits of an artificial lawn here and how to choose the right type here).

It’s also much easier than you might think to install. Be prepared to put in a good amount of elbow grease in the ground preparation, and remember depending on the size of your lawn it could take a fair number of days to complete, but it’s not a difficult project and it is an extremely rewarding one once it’s complete!

You can find some great deals on artificial grass right here.

Create an eye-catching feature with a garden structure

If you have a nice garden, but you can’t escape the feeling that something’s missing, you’re likely in need of a garden ‘feature’. A garden feature draws eyes to a focal point and creates “interest” in your space.

We particularly like garden structures as features – they’re low maintenance and can be an impactful addition to your garden. Arbours, arches and pergolas create shaded areas of retreat in your garden, along with providing the perfect support for vining plants such as wisteria, roses or sweetpeas. They also make great additions to garden walkways.

Our favourites are this chunky village walkway pergola and this stunning free-standing flower circle.

These can be a little trickier to install than the previously mentioned projects, as it does take a bit of work to make sure the structure is supported correctly but if you’re keen to have a go don’t forget there are free instructions on our site and we have an online chat service if you have any questions about installation – we’re here to help you make it happen!

Build the ultimate outdoor entertainment space with a new patio or deck

If you’re looking for a big garden project that you can really throw yourself into, we’d recommend creating the ultimate outdoor entertainment space with a new patio or deck.

Like artificial grass, a patio or deck reduces the time you need to spend on maintenance so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy most in your garden – whether that’s relaxing in the sun, having a bbq or hot-tubbing in the great outdoors. 

Building a deck may even be easier than you first thought; you can buy decking boards individually if you prefer, but you can also now get decking kits with everything premeasured or decking tiles which slot together similar to laminate flooring!

If you are hoping to go for an Indian stone patio we can also help with installation tips online.

We’re up and running as normal to serve you

Luckily we have a great supply and fast delivery service for all of our products during this tough time, so if you are looking for garden supplies for your next project and want to order online to avoid going into a store in person, we’re here to help.

We even have samples available of artificial grass, decking and Indian stone paving that you can have delivered so you can see your options at home before making a big purchase.

What projects have you been trying out in your garden?

We’d love to hear which projects you’ve been trying out in your garden; please let us know in the comments below.

If you want a great price on your garden project materials make sure you check out our latest offers on eDecks.

We also want to remind you we offer plenty of support and expert advice for most garden projects so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your project today.

At eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

Super fast FREE delivery on orders over £100*

48 Hour delivery on many products

Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

PLEASE NOTE: Prices were all correct at time of writing, current pricing available at

*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

The Best Fence Panels For Windy Areas: Pro Tips & Products

We’ve had some pretty windy weather recently and, unfortunately, that’s meant some severe damage across the UK. From entire trees being blown over and houses being badly damaged, we’re seeing the fallout of the storm everywhere. And that includes our fences.

If your fences have been blown over or damaged in the recent storms, you may now be having to replace them – and so we’re being asked more frequently than ever – which fence panels are best for windy areas?

In this article, we’ll run through your best options so you can replace your old fence with one that should be able to withstand strong winds a bit better next time.

Let the wind pass through your fence

Our top tip for choosing a fence that can withstand wind is to choose one that allows the wind to “flow through”. The more air you can let pass through your fence, the less pressure your fence will be under in windy conditions.

If you imagine a kite as one full piece of material it will catch the force of the wind and fly pretty easily. If your kite has a small hole in it, it will take more wind force to fly – and if there are large gaping holes in it, it’s unlikely to ever get enough wind force to fly.

It’s the same principle with fences; more space for air to flow through means your fence takes much less pressure.

With that in mind, you have a wide variety of options for fences that will allow different levels of wind through, depending on your requirements.

Slatted Fence Panels

Slatted fence panels are a great choice if you need privacy and like a sleek modern look. With horizontal fence rails, our slatted fence panels are ultra-strong and don’t have huge gaps between the rails, allowing wind through but offering a good amount of privacy too.

We offer Elite & Supreme slatted fence panels starting from just £40.93 per 1.8m panel, including a ten year warranty. 

Trellis Panels

Trellis panels offer plenty of gaps for wind to pass through as well as places for climbing plants to grow. If you’re looking for the ultimate combination of privacy and windproofing, a trellis fence is an excellent choice as you can add vining plants to cover gaps, but plants won’t often completely block wind from passing through.

There are plenty of options with trellis fencing from modern to traditional, starting from just £10.51 per panel.

Wall and Trellis

If you want something private and robust, you could always use a combination of a small brick wall to replace your fence and top it with a short piece of trellis fencing. It could be far cheaper than you think – our bricks start at less than 50p each.

Short Open Fence Panels

If you don’t have a great need for privacy but want to use fencing solely as a boundary, you can consider using short open fence panels. Being shorter they shouldn’t catch the wind as much and they offer vertical open rails with plenty of space for air movement.

Shadow Box Panels

Shadow box panels, also known as double sided paling, offer the most privacy while still allowing airflow. They won’t allow as much wind to pass through as some of the other options above, but they will offer much more windproofing than a standard block fence panel, while keeping complete privacy, with each fence rail blocking light from one side to the next (which creates a ‘shadow’ on the adjacent panel). These are a particularly great option if you need a tall secure fence for pets and children while having your garden in a windy area.

There are so many options for shadow box fence panels, from horizontal and vertical to chevron and top trellis styles. Starting from just £31.56 per 1.85m panel, you’re bound to find one to suit your style and budget.

Ensure your fence has a strong base

Other than allowing wind to flow through your fence more easily, the other important safeguard you should take is to make sure your fence has a strong base. A strong support should help keep your fence grounded – the stronger the base, the more likely your fence will be to withstand high winds.

Dig your posts in deep

It may not come as a surprise, but it’s vital to dig your fence posts in as deep as possible to leave your fence with the best possible foundational strength. We recommend digging your posts a minimum of one-third of the length of the post deep, if possible, half or more. Three feet is the minimum we would recommend for any fence being placed in a highly windy area.

Set your posts in concrete

You can’t choose the soil in your area, but you can choose what you set your post in. We highly recommend using concrete to set your fence posts in to give them the greatest chance at withstanding high winds in stormy weather.

Use Concrete Posts

Better yet than concreting in your wooden fence posts is to get posts made out of concrete too. Concrete posts are your strongest option for holding your fence up against blustery winds.

Looking for the best offers on fence panels for windy areas?

eDecks offers some of the best deals on all types of fencing online. What’s more is, we even offer online support and expert advice to help you pick the right fence for your space and even tips on how to install it. We can get your new fence to you fast, with no hassle and often delivery is completely free!

At eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

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48 Hour delivery on many products

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*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

Gazebos and Pergolas: The Ultimate Garden Upgrade for 2020

You’ve seen them in the most beautiful places, from botanical gardens to luxury holiday resorts, gazebos and pergolas stand out as a high-end design feature only found in the most eclectic of open spaces.

And now you can have that same luxury design feature without the “high end” price tag!

Here at eDecks we have pergolas of all kinds, including kits that come along with decking – you can read all about our pergolas here.

Not only that, we now have Gazebos on offer, with full gazebo kits starting at just £279.99!

With all that in mind, here’s why we think it’s going to be the big garden trend for 2020.

We all need a little shade

Let’s face it – in the past few years, we have experienced some intensely hot summers. Although it’s been wonderful to see the sun shining more often, the heat also has the bad habit of sapping your energy – fast.

With 2020 set to be another record-breaker for hot climates, now is the perfect time to start getting your garden prepared.

The best way to enjoy the beautiful summers for longer is to get a little respite from it all, and we think pergolas and gazebos are the perfect solution. After all, it’s a shame to waste the summer staying indoors in air-conditioned spaces if you don’t have to.

With the obvious shade advantage and the ability to attach further cooling devices like fans, it’s an elegant and practical solution to our heat waves!

They keep us in holiday “relax mode”

Gazebos and pergolas are so often associated with high-end resorts and 5-star hotels and spas that when we see them, we click into “holiday relax mode”. With that little extra protection from the elements, and the often beautiful flowers and plants that are grown around these structures, it’s hard not to feel the weight of the world leave you when you take a moment to read or relax underneath.

Putting a seated area underneath makes the area a little quiet escape perfect for putting your feet up and enjoying the sound of the world around you from bird song to gentle breezes.

They offer a stable construction for extras

As we’ve mentioned earlier – heatwaves are something to be contended with, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop any time soon. Gazebos and pergolas offer a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for longer in the stifling heat as you can use the structures to attach cooling gadgets like fans to help make that midday sun more bearable.

If you also find you are avoiding the outdoors in the chilly winter months, you can start using your garden far more often by installing outdoor heaters, easily attached to our pergolas and gazebos.

You can also easily add solar lighting which means you can sit outside enjoying dinner or drinks with friends, well into the evening in complete comfort.

They have a stunning aesthetic

There’s a good reason why so many high-end outdoor spaces have gazebos and pergolas – they draw the eye to a natural point in any space and offer ‘structure’ to your garden’s design. Most lines in a garden are hardly straight because of plant life, so structures like these draw the eye to a less chaotic point. The lack of ‘chaos’ makes them the perfect place for relaxing in your space.

They are (finally!) affordable

Unlike their common settings, in high-end, luxury resorts, pergolas and gazebos no longer have to run into the thousands – you can pick up your own kit and easily build one yourself from just £279.99!

With everything measured out for you, and such a low price tag, it’s easier than ever to add one of these stunning structures to your outdoor space – so what’s holding you back?

Want to get the best deal on your new pergola or gazebo?

If you want a great price on your new pergola or gazebo make sure you check out our latest offers on eDecks. We have easy to assemble Pergola kits with decking starting at just £312.45, gazebos kits starting at just £279.99, and completely free delivery for both for most of the UK!

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most pergola installation projects – and definitely any products we sell online. Contact eDecks here for personalised advice for your outdoor project today.

At eDecks you can not only expect a good deal but also:

Super fast FREE delivery on orders over £100*

48 Hour delivery on many products

Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

*Free delivery applies to most of the UK, but some areas may incur a charge, unfortunately – please check the eDecks website for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices were all correct at time of writing, current pricing available at