A comprehensive guide to felt shingles

Felt shingles are a popular roofing option for various properties, particularly garden structures, and there are numerous reasons for this. They have many advantages, so let’s get to know exactly what felt shingles can offer you.

What Are Roof Shingles?

Shingles are special roofing materials that can be placed along a roof, creating a defined, uniform appearance that is watertight and able to withstand a wide array of weather and temperature conditions. Simple to apply, they can be applied to many different buildings, and usually don’t require a professional to install.

There are several different types of shingles made from various different materials. Felt and cedar are common shingle types. Felt is a particular favourite among professional builders and DIY enthusiasts alike due to the many advantages it benefits from.

Felt shingles are an affordable alternative to roofing felt and can be used without a finishing layer placed over the top. Due to this, they are often produced in a wide range of colours, giving customers more choices and allowing them to pick out the best finishing look for their projects.

Benefits of Felt Roofing Shingles

The popularity of felt shingles can be attributed to the benefits they offer. The ease of installation, sometimes requiring just a wooden surface to fix them onto, makes them appealing to a wide range of builders, from professionals to amateurs.

Felt shingles tend to come in a much wider range of colours than most other shingle types, giving you far more choice when it comes to deciding on the cosmetic choices surrounding your project. Whether you want to retain a clear level of uniformity or are looking to achieve a much more adventurous appearance with varying forms and configurations, there is a felt shingle for you!

Not only are they extremely cost-effective products, available at lower prices than most other options but they’re also cheaper to install and maintain. While one of the main selling points of felt shingles is the relatively simple procedure required to install and replace them, their durability should not be underestimated. Felt is a surprisingly robust material and will be able to stand firm throughout any climate, which is necessary for our temperamental British climate.

Best Structures for Felt Shingles

Felt shingles are ideal for various structures, especially those found in gardens. Sheds, stables, garages, and carports are all ideal locations on which to apply them. Not only do felt shingles add a level of protection against the elements, but they also add extra character and, when aged, give the structure a rustic appearance that blends in beautifully with the classic British garden aesthetic.

Felt shingles are waterproof and soundproof, making them perfect for putting on structures designed for storage and containment, whether this is on a shed protecting tools, stables for horses, or even hutches for rabbits and other pets.

What have we learned?

To conclude, felt shingles are ideal for you if you are looking for the following:

  • A much cheaper alternative to more expensive shingles and tiles
  • A waterproof covering for a huge array of garden structures
  • An incredibly fast and easy installation process
  • An extremely simplified maintenance/replacement procedure

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