Our Guide to different Roof Tile types

When it comes to finishing a roof, there’s an array of roof tile types to choose from, with options available in various materials, shapes, profiles, and sizes. Choosing the right one often comes down to aesthetics, but other factors to consider will include the roof pitch, weight, weather resistance, sustainability, and budget.

We’ve put together this guide to help ensure the best choice of roof tile for a project.

One of the first things to consider when making a choice is the material of the tiles. Roof tiles come in a wide range of materials, and here at eRoofs, we specialise in providing all kinds of roof tiles!


When it comes to material, which roof tile type is best? The answer is: it depends on the project! Since the material will play a big part in the overall appearance of the roof, think about what looks good. Also, look at what roof tile types other buildings in the area use. Do you want the roof to stand out or blend in?

Other considerations include the material’s durability, longevity, wind resistance, weight, maintenance requirements, ease of installation, and cost.

Cedar Shingles

For a truly natural appearance, cedar shingles might be the perfect solution. They’re also one of the most sustainable roofing materials available. Since they are also very lightweight, the carbon footprint of transporting them is minimal, and they’re easy to move around on-site.

eRoofs Western Red Cedar Shingles are sawn from the highest quality of British Columbian Cedar logs, providing a warm and rich amber-toned aesthetic to your roof. Our shingles are sawn on both sides making them thinner therefore the taper is less obvious, giving more of a smooth and uniform finish.

Felt Shingles

Felt shingles are a popular roofing option for various properties, particularly garden structures, and there are numerous reasons for this. The popularity of felt shingles can be attributed to the benefits they offer. The ease of installation, sometimes requiring just a wooden surface to fix them onto, makes them appealing to a wide range of builders, from professionals to amateurs.

Felt shingles are waterproof and soundproof, making them perfect for putting on structures designed for storage and containment, whether this is on a shed protecting tools, stables for horses, or even hutches for rabbits and other pets.

Onduvilla Bitumen Roof Tiles

Onduvilla Bitumen Roof Tiles are a more reliable and flexible alternative to traditional clay tiles. These tile strips are eco-friendly, made from recycled materials, and form a desirable, durable, and lightweight roof covering that can be laid on a roof decking or close boarding. They’re particularly popular because they offer so much customisation for an affordable price. At eRoofs, we carry brown, black, green, and red!

Regardless of your project size, the lightweight, attractive design of these tiles makes them extremely simple to install, and their dimensions are perfectly adapted to small-size structures.

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