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eRoofs Western Red Cedar Shingles are sawn from highest quality of British Columbian Cedar logs, providing a warm and rich amber toned aesthetic to your roof. Our shingles are sawn on both sides making them thinner therefore the taper is less obvious, giving more of a smooth and uniform finish.  eRoofs Western Red Cedar Shingles are perfect if you are looking for a more general purpose style of roofing. If you wish to create more of a rough and rustic look then we suggest shopping from our fantastic range of Western Red Cedar Shakes.

Using Western Red Cedar timber as a roofing material comes with many advantages.  Not only is it a naturally occurring and eco-friendly material, cedar wood is renowned for its stable, durable and lightweight qualities.  On top of that, you won’t have to worry about extra heating costs as Cedar shingles are proven to be extremely insulant. All of that, paired with the stunning aesthetic that our Western Red Cedar Shingles give to your roof can only mean that you are on to a winner.

Here are just a few of the Western Red Cedar Roof Shingle products that we stock:





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