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Why choose galvanised roofing sheets?

Corrugated metal roofing sheets have been used for many centuries and are widely regarded as one of the most reliable roofing products!

Below we will answer the most important and frequently asked questions regarding galvanised roofing sheets.

Are galvanised roofing sheets heavy duty?

These roofing sheets are lightweight to support (0.5mm in thickness), however are very heavy duty for purpose. Galvanised roofing is a cost effective and robust option for roofing or cladding.

Corrugated metal roofing has an excellent lifespan of 20+ years and as an extra benefit, it is extremely quick to install whether using it as a brand-new roof or as cladding over an existing roof.

Does the profile of the sheet matter?

The corrugations of the roofing allows both rain and snow to naturally move off the roof which means less risk of pools of water forming, which can lead to leaking and other issues. Corrugated metal roofing is also far better at withstanding harsh weather conditions in comparison to other materials. If you live in an area, which has frequent storms or hail you should consider switching to a corrugated metal roof for extra peace of mind.

The sheets are available in two different widths, however the profile of the sheet is the same (corrugations at 3inches from top to top).

 Galvanised Corrugated Roof Sheet

Can I use galvanised roofing on different structures?

Recently galvanised roofing is a very popular option for carports and lean to pergolas, as a temporary or permanent solution, while giving the structure a traditional look.

Galvanised roofing only requires minimum maintenance; this has led to them being widely adapted as roofing solutions for livestock and farm owners as well as widespread use in construction and commercial industries.

Galvanised roofing used in farming
Credit: Megan Branson

Can you paint galvanised roofing?

Yes! Painting roofing sheets can be a daunting task, the best thing to use is acrylic latex paint. We recommend using a metal primer before and a top coat to seal the layers together. The weather is important, make sure you are applying in mild/ dry weather for best results!

Do I need underlay for galvanised roofing?

To keep the sheets protected and to create a safer barrier we advise to use a felt underlay under the timber batons.

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Everything you need to know about Onduline roofing sheets.

onduline roof sheets

What is Onduline roofing?

Onduline is a bituminous corrugated roof sheet that is lightweight and available in a range of colours (black, red, green, brown & Grey) Bitumen roofing sheets are very popular and an easy roofing solution.

Below, we will go through the most common questions.

What are Onduline roofing sheets?

Onduline roofing sheet is a quality 3mm thick sheet that is a reliable and complete roofing solution. This lightweight roofing solution is suitable for a range of outbuildings, from garden buildings, to commercial developments and industrial units or even agricultural projects, such as farm buildings or stables. It features a unique technology that combines cellulosic fibres and selected bitumen for exceptional waterproofing.

Why choose Onduline?

These roofing sheets are available in various colours here. Onduline offers an impressive 15-year waterproof guarantee with the Onduline Classic roofing sheets. The sheets are completely safe and have no asbestos properties, and they are BBA certified. Onduline roofing sheets are fast and easy to install, and the material is very easy to cut.

How easy is it to fit Onduline roofing?

Onduline lightweight roofing sheets are quick and easy to install, the panels are extremely light (only 3 kg/m²), flexible, and easy to carry. Onduline sheets can be installed with simple tooling: a saw or even a cutter will suffice for cutting the sheets and they can be easily screwed or hammered in depending on the type of fixings chosen.

How do I let light into my building when using Onduline? 

With using material sheets you can sometimes end up with a darker overcast, Onduline also has a range of translucent corrugated roofing sheets, which can be used as roof lights and are fully compatible with the Onduline bitumen sheets.

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