What Are Soffits and Fascias?

The soffit and fascia are fundamental elements of your roof structure. Installed in practical conjunction, these essential components serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, finishing and protecting your roof structure from all the external conditions that threaten to damage it.

In this helpful post, we’ll fill you in on all of the key information you need to know about soffits and fascias so you can expand your knowledge and keep up with the experts.

What Are Soffits?

A soffit is a non-structural board that typically runs from the edge of your home’s exterior walls to the edges of the roof structure. The soffit is designed to cover the underside of the eaves, enhancing both visual appeal and structural protection. Whilst most commonly installed around the main roofline.

Why Does Your Home Need a Soffit?

Aesthetically, soffit boards are ideal for creating a clean and attractive roof finish whilst adding a little extra character to your home. It conceals unsightly rafter beams that would otherwise be visible from the view of the porch or looking up from the ground below.

In terms of functionality, a soffit will protect your rafters from weather exposure and unwelcome pests as well as increasing air circulation to the attic space. Consistent airflow is extremely important in preventing condensation and without it, your roof is susceptible to overheating, mold, and moisture damage. This enhanced level of protection and ventilation makes a soffit a highly important element of your roof structure, especially in cold or damp climates.

What Are Fascias?

A fascia is a roof board that is installed at the end of the roof trusses to create a clean and tidy finish whilst providing protection against external elements. The board itself is plank shaped with a lip at the bottom that supports the soffit.

What Purpose Do Fascias Serve?

The main purposes of fascia boards include bridging the gap between the rafters as well as providing additional support for the bottom row of tiles. Not only does the fascia create a more sleek and visually-pleasing look for your home’s exterior, but it also helps to prevent moisture and wildlife from entering the roof and loft space.

The fascia also provides a steady and stable surface for your property’s guttering to be fixed to. For this reason, it is important that the fascia is kept in a robust, good-quality condition, especially in climates susceptible to very heavy rainfall.

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