Coroline Onduline Roofing Sheets

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Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Wondering where the best place online to buy Bitumen Roofing Sheets? Look no further than

As one of the UK's largest suppliers of roofing materials, we stock a wide range of Coroline and Onduline roof sheets in your choice of colour and size.

An Eco-Friendly Roofing Solution

If you are looking to lower your carbon footprint, our eco-friendly range of Coroline and Onduline roofing is guaranteed to please. The roofing sheets are compatible with most residential, commercial and agricultural buildings; are lightweight, affordable and simple to install.

Coroline or Onduline, what is right for you?

Coroline roofing sheets are typically used as a solution by enthusiasts in lower-key DIY applications such as sheds, garages and animal houses due to its thin (2.6mm) lightweight nature, resistance to environmental factors, decent sound absorption and good insulation. 

Onduline bitumen roofing sheets are slightly thicker than Coroline materials (3mm) and is renowned for being extremely hard-wearing, insulating, yet still lightweight. Onduline roofing materials are a widely recognised and respected product by professionals around the globe. Typical applications of Onduline roofing sheets include stables and agricultural buildings, but are also commonly used in shed and garage building projects.

Stuck for ideas or need extra advice?

Visit our blog for our expert advice on all things Coroline and Onduline roofing related.