Polyester Coated Box Profile Roofing Sheets

If you’re looking for polyester coated box profile roofing, you’ve landed at the right place. eRoofs offers a huge range of high-quality roofing sheets, all at extraordinary prices so you can get the very best quality roof for your budget. Polyester coated roofing sheets are strong metal sheets made even more durable by adding a polyester coating. If you're looking for a coloured metal roofing sheet, they're a great option and have many more benefits than merely the aesthetic!

Here are some incredible benefits to box profile metal roofing sheets

  • Durability is outstanding; against many other roofing materials (such as clay, plastic or wood) they come out on top for both strength and resistance to degradation. If you are concerned about harsh climates or excessive wear, metal should be your go-to roofing choice.

  • Metal roofing is also likely to last you the longest; some metal roofs have been known to last over 100 years! This is because not only does metal provide great strength, but it is also naturally resistant to rot, mould, mildew and infestation.

  • The box profile shape is designed to help move rain and snow off your roof as quickly as possible; this will keep your building dry while also helping your roof dry faster. This is a vital feature if you choose a metal roof as it will help guard against rust.

  • All of our metal roofing sheets are galvanised. This means they have been given a rustproofing treatment which will help your roof last even longer.

Polyester coated box roofing offers you all of the incredible benefits of a metal roof with an additional layer of protection from the polyester coating. The steel is still galvanised beneath the polyester coating, giving you double protection from weathering and rust which will help your roof last even longer.

You might even need to replace your building before the roof!

Our polyester coloured box roofing is made from high-quality TATA steel and is coated with 25 microns of high-quality polyester enamel. It is available in two colours (Juniper Green and Goosewing Grey) and can be bought from eRoofs cut to your precise measurements for easy installation and less waste.

How do eRoofs offer incredible quality at such low prices?

You may notice our low prices and wonder how we can sell quality roofing materials for so much less than competitors. Because eRoofs is an exclusively online store, we don’t have the enormous running costs of a physical showroom, which means we can offer you better quality products at much lower prices than high street DIY stores.

We even offer frequent discounts storewide – keep an eye out on our website for vouchers!

Delivery for most UK orders is also completely FREE for orders over £100; so you don’t have to worry about any extra petrol costs or heavy lifting – we deliver your polyester coated metal roofing sheets direct to your door.