Roofing Timbers

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Roofing Timbers

eRoofs supplies all the roofing timber materials you need to build your perfect roof. From the purlins and joists to build the foundations, to the cladding and timbers to build the roof itself. We have everything you need under one roof at

Rafters, Purlins & Joists

Build the foundations for your roof using our timber joists. Our joists come in a range of thicknesses, and all come in a cut to size variant so you can be sure to find the perfect sized joist for your project.

Timber Cladding

Not only is our timber cladding great for building shed walls, but our overlap timber cladding can also be used as a great alternative for building shed or pergola roofs. Our Cladding comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses so you can be sure to find a cladding that is ideal for your project

All of our roofing timbers are available with pressure treatments, protecting them from decay, rot and fungi.