Why Use a Car Port?

Need a shelter for your car? Car ports are a fantastic alternative to building a garage! Our modern car ports come in a range of sizes and styles so you can create a practical and stylish car port no matter what type of car you own. Car ports also allow you to maximise your garden’s potential as they provide a sturdy frame for climbing plants or hanging baskets.

Create Your Car Port Today

With eRoofs you can create a car port even if you’re not a DIY pro. Our easy to assemble kits take the hassle out of DIY so your car port will be assembled and ready-to-use in no time! The kits are available in a range of fittings so you can erect your car port on anything from hard ground to decking.

Our online range includes:
• Polycarbonate Car Ports
• Mini Car Ports
• Bitumen Car Ports

Shop the full range of long-lasting, durable car ports online at eRoofs. We guarantee to bring you the best discounts across our range of high quality car ports. Create your perfect shelter at eRoofs.