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Tile Effect Roofing: A Cheaper Alternative to Tile Roofing

If you want the look of a tiled roof without the price tag of installing real tile or slate, you won’t want to miss the lightweight tile effect roof options here at eRoofs. We offer two main types of tile effect roofing that are both far easier to install and cheaper than real tiles.

They are far cheaper to manufacture than tile or slate and are quick and easy to install – meaning there is even more money to be saved in labour costs with either option. You could even attempt the installation yourself!

Corotile metal tile effect roofing

Corotile metal tile effect roofing is a great option and is hard to tell apart from real tile. It’s easy and fast to install even if you'd like to do it yourself; it comes in the form of large, premade roofing sheets, so you save buckets of time by not having to install each tile individually. The sheets are overlapped at any joins and built up on your roof in panels. This means there is no need for cutting and the final the result is neat and professional.

It offers an elegant tile shape with a charcoal finish. eRoofs has low prices on Corotile roofing sheets and all the matching accessories you'll need to make your building watertight fast (whether it's a garden office, shed or fancy Wendy house).

Its unique Aluzinc® coating creates an authentic tile appearance that looks nothing like metal. The coating also serves a second essential purpose; it guards against rust! This means Corotile can last even longer than a non-coated metal roof. It is expected to last over 20 years and even comes with a 15 year no-quibble guarantee (subject to adherence of installation instructions).

Onduvilla lightweight tile effect roofing

Onduvilla tile roofing sheets are also an incredible substitute for tile with a profile most fitted to a modern aesthetic. Made by the same people who make Onduline Bitumen Roofing Sheets, they are made up of recycled fibres (50-60%) and bitumen that, when combined, work together to produce a lightweight, long-lasting and robust roofing sheet. The sheets are 3mm thick and are a professional-grade material built to last. Onduvilla also comes with a 15 year guarantee.

Onduvilla comes in strips that are simple to install, but due to each strip covering a smaller area than a Corotile sheet, it may take slightly longer to install. Having said that Onduvilla will be far easier and faster to install than real tile or slate and is something an average DIYer could easily do themselves.

While both of these tile effect roofing options are far cheaper alternatives to real tile or slate, Onduvilla is the cheaper of the two and should cost roughly a third less upfront than Corotile for most roofing projects. It’s likely that because Corotile (as a metal roofing product) is stronger than Onduvilla it could last much longer. If you have to replace your roof less often because of this factor, Corotile could still turn out to be kinder to your wallet long term.

How do eRoofs offer incredible quality at such low prices?

Because eRoofs is an exclusively online store, we don’t have the enormous running costs of a physical showroom, which means we can offer you better quality products at much lower prices than high street DIY stores.

You won't want to miss out on any of these great benefits of buying from eRoofs:
  • Fast, free delivery to your door for orders of Onduvilla over £100*
  • Onduvilla and Corotile purchasing advice and installation help free of charge

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