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Western Red Cedar Shakes

Western Red Cedar Roof Shakes

eRoofs Western Red Cedar Shakes are cut from the finest of Briptish Colombian Cedar wood making them a natural and eco-friendly alternative roof covering.

What Makes These Wooden Roof Tiles Unique?

Our shakes are hand-split by using a mallet and froe, creating a tapered, wedge shape with a rough, rustic look on the sun-facing side. Therefore, if you are looking to give your roof more of a smooth and uniform finish, you may prefer to shop from our excellent range of Western Red Shingles.

Cedar Shake Benefits

Cedar is by far the most popular form of roofing shakes due to its stable, durable and lightweight nature. On top of that, eRoofs Western Red Cedar Shakes are naturally insect and rot resistant and therefore require no further treatment from the user. Aesthetically no other wood can compare, Western Red Cedar offers a warm palette of rich amber tones combined with fascinating and unique grain patterns.

Check out or blog post for more information on the difference between shingles and shakes.

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