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Covid 19 Notice


1. Can I place an order?

Yes, eDecks continues to serve customers. You can place an online order through the website or, over the telephone. Please note that we are experiencing a large volume of calls so a call back may be required. You can also email us using the contact form and we will email you back by the end of the working day.

2. Are delivery times affected?

Some delivery times may unavoidably be affected. Please be assured that we are doing our very best to fulfill orders as usual and are updated on our website; these can be seen under "add to basket" on every product page throughout the site. Estimated delivery times for some items may be longer than usual at the moment. Please note that these are working days and do not include weekends or bank holidays.

3. Will I get a delivery date?

A delivery date will be sent via email and in some cases emailed just 24 hours prior to delivery. Please do not call for further information regarding your delivery date, please wait for your email. We have also taken on additional carriers, which are delivering on early mornings, evenings and weekends to meet with the demand for orders.

4. What will happen with the delivery?

Many couriers have announced new measures to ensure the safety of both drivers and customers. Signatures may not be necessary; the driver will instead take your name from a distance and leave your delivery paperwork with the order. "This is also emailed if it is not left with the order".

5. Are collections available?

Yes, we are back open to the trade and public. Masks must be worn around the site.

6. Help and Customer Service after delivery/failed delivery?

The customer care portal will allow you to contact the customer care department, they will email you back the same working day with a response directly to your email. Please do not call at this time, as this will cause a delay in the investigations and the response time. Please note that some drivers may run out of delivery hours, and some carriers can misroute items, which will cause delays. Please only contact us 24 hours after your delivery date, if the full order is not received. Please select other from the dropdown.